We drink real from herbs and berries of the region

  • We drink real from herbs and berries of the region
30 September 2021

Abundant land in the south of Western Siberia may seem to a travelerlarge phytobar...Countless variations of drinking at every turnwith herbal supplements... The naturalness of the composition and the originality of the recipe are the trump card with which large beverage producers, gastronomic establishments and tourist reception centers enter the market.

Widest paletteflavors to quench your thirstpresented at summer holidays and festivals. The peak gastronomic event of the beverage market is Altayfest in the Smolensk region.

For a holiday of haute cuisine - to the arboretum

A month later, the epicenter of tastings becomesValley of family recreation "Altai Kholmogorye"... Three times this territory atthe largest arboretum in the region, became the site of the Siberian Tea Festival. And in 2017, a tasting and gastronomichaute cuisine show "AhFest!"... The restaurateurs surprised the audience with fir lemonade and accompanied desserts with copyrightinfusions based on local berries and herbswith the addition of natural juices. Under the dome of the Tea Abode, Siberian herbalists conjured over new combinations of aromatic drinks from Altai raw materials. All summer"Tea house"in the Altai region receives tourists, treating them with teas in different styles and traditions, devoting them to the intricacies of blending and preparation.

Specialty drinks of "Altai Kholmogorye" - grown on local plantationsfermented willow teaand blends with Altai herbs. The Altai-Visterra enterprise, where these tea collections, as well as juices, jelly and health products from local plants, fruits and berries are made, accepts touristexcursions all year round... You can try these natural energy drinks and stock up on the ones you like in the “Gifts of Altai” shop.


For drinks from wild plants - to Krasnogorskoe

In the regional center of Krasnogorsk region, tourists stock up on gift "edible" sets of products based on wild medicinal herbs and berries. Production is based hereAltai Tea Company, which has created several lines of balsams, tea and vitamin drinks, jelly, syrups and medicinal oils.

The research and production center of the company develops formulations "without chemistry" -from vegetable raw materialsharvested in an ecologically clean area of the Altai foothill zone. Telling about the history of production, the employees of the tea company emphasize that it is based on 200 years of experience using local herbs.Krasnogorsk healers... In addition to edible and health-improving products, the company is launching a workshop for the production of natural cosmetics based on herbs, roots and berries.


To workshops, a boutique and an old restaurant - to Barnaul

There are several production sites in the regional capital, where raw materials are from the foothills and ecologically clean regions of Altaiconverted into teas, syrups and balms... You can try these healing drinks from multicomponent herbal crops, for example, after a tour ofGalen Pharmaceutical Plant... Or looking intoAltai hospitality center "Mountain Pharmacy"... In an old building, there is a pharmacy museum, a 19th century-style restaurant andboutique of unique products of Altai. Restaurantintroduces authentic dishes and drinks of Siberian cuisine. In the stone cellar - next to the barrels with wines, berry liqueurs and pickles - the tasting room of the establishment. After having lunch at the restaurant, continue your research on the characteristics of drinks and dessertsfrom herbs and berries of Altaiyou can in the boutique "Gornaya Apteka". Altai honey, natural oils, antler maral breeding products and other health products are also tasted and purchased here.


Having examined the historical center of Barnaul, tourists can replenishstocks of healthy drinks, functional food and natural sweets in the souvenir shop of masters of the Altai Territory -"SHISHKA-MARKETE"located in the Ultra shopping center.

Connoisseurs of low-alcohol and high-alcohol drinks will find craft breweries in Barnaul and excursions tolarge factories of brewing and alcoholic beverages productionin the regional capital and regions of the region.


The information was prepared by Elena Mikhova.

Photo by Aizhan Zhakipbekova, Vsevolod Kleschev, Anton Fedotov, from the official page of the Siberian Tea Festival vk.com/sibcha2015 and from the Altaytourtsentr archive.