• Maralnik bloom
30 September 2021
The summer tourist season is opened with the holiday "Maralnik Blossom" in the Altai Territory. In time, it coincides with the beginning of flowering of the Ledebour rhododendron - this endemic plant is called the maralnik by the inhabitants of the Altai Territory.

A big tourist holiday in the Altai Territory, which opens the summer season, is filled with many interesting, bright and festive events. Its participants can visit the places where the maral is blooming. The hosts of the holiday, of course, arrange special excursions for those wishing to see the delicate flowers on the rocks with their own eyes. The holiday program includes many tourist, sports, excursion activities. There are animation platforms, popular groups perform on the open stage, you can try yourself in creativity under the guidance of the most famous masters. The Maralnik Blossom holiday is beautiful, fun and interesting.
The first holiday "Maralnik Blossom" took place in the Altai Territory in the Year of Environmental Protection (2013). This is not an accidental coincidence - the event is used as another reason for fostering a respect for nature.