• Biysk City Drama Theater
Biysk, st. Soviet, 25
The origin of theatrical art in Biysk began back in 1887, when L.P. Yeshin organized the first theater group of amateurs of dramatic art. Plays by A.S. Griboyedov, and then "The Inspector General" N.V. Gogol. Pavel Orlenev and Mammoth Dalsky toured here, and the archives contain extracts about the long-term work of the Adelheim brothers in Biysk.

In 1912, the construction of the People's House began. The merchant of the 2nd guild P.A. Kopylov, and the project of the building was carried out by I.F. Nosovich, a famous architect in Siberia.

The stage of the People's House was seen by opera, circus and drama troupes. During the Great Patriotic War, the Lensovet Theater worked here in evacuation.

Photo: Alexandra Gorbunova

Travel Tips

Pay attention to the architecture and details of the interior design of the Biysk Theater - the building is made in an eclectic style with elements of Art Nouveau and Gothic.
Where is
Biysk, st. Soviet, 25.
How to get there
By public and private transport.