• Gorkoye lake
Altai region

In fact, these are two lakes, separated by an isthmus. Moreover, one of them is salty (on the shore of which the village of Peresheechny is located), and the other is fresh, in which there is a lot of fish (including buffalo crucian carp) and on the shore of which many tourist bases have been built in recent years for every taste.

The lake is huge, stretching from north to south for 14 kilometers, surrounded by a pine forest. The water here is bitter-salty, curative, in its composition close to the water "Essentuki 17". It can be drunk, it is useful for respiratory diseases, for the gastrointestinal tract, joints. Swimming in a salt lake calms the nervous system, improves skin condition with neurodermatitis and eczema. At the bottom -deposits of healing mud, and in some places blue clay.

A small crustacean lives in the lakeArtemia salina.In the water, you can see him and his eggs. They also exist on the shore of the lake, emitting a specific smell and becoming food for birds. Mud, being a waste product of this crustacean, has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, stabilizes the work of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. In general, the lake is magical and wonderful, with healing "living" water for all diseases.

Where is
Lakes Gorkoye and Gorkoye-Peresheechnoye are located in the Yegoryevsky district, 327 km. from Barnaul (regional center Novoegoryevskoe).
How to get there
By personal transport to the village. Novoegoryevskoe. From Barnaul by car to the lake is only 3.5-4 hours, depending on the traffic load of the highway. In the direction of Rubtsovsk, the road is quite satisfactory - if you wish, you can accelerate to 140-150 km in some sections, Rosneft gas stations (those with conveniences) are available. And only after turning off the A322 highway onto the regional road, the quality of the pavement is bumpy, but it is only 40-50 km.
By regular bus or train to Rubtsovsk, then by regular bus to the village. Novoegoryevskoe.