• Zavyalovskie lakes
Altai region

The World Encyclopedia of Resorts contains information along with Monaco and aboutZavyalovskie lakes... On an area of 220,000 hectares, there are 330 lakes of various sizes. These unique natural attractions are rich in a whole health and wellness complex. Here you can undergo treatment with special mud, including silt-sulphide salt mud, peloid freshwater mud, which are very rich in organic matter. An unforgettable experience will be made by swimming in the Salt Lake, which is similar in its therapeutic effect to the Dead Sea. In these places there are rich deposits of blue clay, sources of unique healing mineral water. The magnificent picture is complemented by the hot steppe sun and the purest air of the pine forest.

Tourists come here from different parts of our country and from abroad. Some organize campings, live in tents, others rent a house or buy vouchers to sanatoriums and boarding houses. Here everyone will find suitable conditions for themselves for different tastes and wallets. The recreation area is perfectly equipped - toilets, showers, baths, playrooms for children, various cafes. The locals are always friendly and hospitable; you can buy fresh milk and cottage cheese, hot pies and other homemade delicacies from them inexpensively. Strong winds drive away annoying insects, so in summer you can have a great rest here.


Travel Tips

The number of holidaymakers on weekends increases significantly. Better to come to the lakes on weekdays.
Where is
The lakes are located approximately 250 km from Barnaul, 7 km from the village of Zavyalovo, Altai Territory.
How to get there
By personal transport along the Barnaul - Romanovo - Zavyalovo highway, also by the Barnaul - Zavyalovo bus (daily runs), then by taxi to the lakes.