• Fishing village
Smolensk region, Belokurikha, st. Nizhnyaya, 23, building 1.

Agritourism complex "Fishing Village" is open all year round. Fishermen come here to get a good catch, and vacationers find peace and tranquility at the base.

The territory of the "Fisherman's Village" is 30 hectares. There are two artificial reservoirs in which trout, carp and crucian carp are found. Near the water there are open gazebos with areas for barbecues and swings, at a distance there are three guest houses, saunas and a playground. There is a cafe of Kazakh cuisine, where they can cook deliciously caught fish to order. Check the cost and the full list of services with the administrator by phone + 7-961-993-11-61.

Photo by Valery Stepanyuk

Travel Tips

On a tour of the trout nursery, do not touch the fish in the water with warm hands: trout can get burned and bite from stress. You can touch fish in pools by wearing gloves or by cooling your hands in water.

Where is
Smolensk region, Belokurikha, st. Nizhnyaya, 23, building 1.
How to get there
After entering Belokurikha, turn right for a Rosneft gas station. The drive to the outskirts of the city to the "Fisherman's Village" will take about 15 minutes.