• Zero kilometer
Altai Territory, Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, Soviets Square

In 2003, a granite pillar with a height of about six and a half meters was installed on Sovetov Square. The pillar symbolizes the beginning of all roads for the city and the region.

As conceived by the creators, the distance in the Altai Territory begins from this place, since the Main Post Office is located next to the zero kilometer. All roads in Russia began at the post office.

The specialists of the Kolyvan stone-cutting plant built a pedestal and laid out a mosaic around it. The pillar is crowned with a vase, also made at a stone-cutting factory. Around the monument there is a mosaic of a wind rose with twelve signs of the zodiac.

Similar signs exist in other cities outside the capitals - for roads that do not pass through the capital. In many cities, the "zero kilometer" is marked with a sign or a sign depicted on the ground, and sometimes with a statue or stele, even a historical landmark: a palace, a tower, a bridge, or maybe just a residential building. In many countries, Kilometer Zero is referred to as the Zero Point.

Where is
Altai Territory, Barnaul, Lenin Avenue, Soviets Square.