• Zero kilometer in Biysk
Biysk, st. Soviet, 42
As in many cities of Russia and other countries, Biysk recently has its own memorial sign "Zero Kilometer". It was installed on October 27, 2013 at the entrance to the communal bridge across the Biya river, next to the building of the department of nature of the Biysk Museum of Local Lore named after V.V. Bianchi.

The choice of location is not accidental: it is from here that the road begins, which connects Russia with China and Mongolia. And the inhabitants of Biysk have long been tacitly calling this place "Zero kilometer of the Chuysky tract" - now the name is officially fixed.

The memorial sign is made in the form of a stylized horseshoe with a wheel from an old cart inside. The three steps of the pedestal symbolize the three epochs of the development of the Chuisky tract. The first step is an ancient caravan path, the second is an old cart track and the third is a modern automobile road.

Photo by Valery Stepanyuk, Artur Demchenko.
Where is
Biysk, st. Soviet, 42.
How to get there
From Barnaul by public or private transport.