Event tourism

The creation and development of bright, interesting events in the business, cultural, sports life of the Altai Territory has become the basis for the development of event tourism in the region. The region annually hosts more than twenty festivals, forums, holidays, attracting thousands of tourists from various regions of Russia and from abroad.

International Tourism Forum "VISIT ALTAI", "Maralnik Blossom" holiday, "Altayfest" drink festival, Day of Russia at "Turquoise Katun", "Shukshin Days in Altai" festival, International Youth Forum of the Asia-Pacific Region, SCO Forum, Siberian International Forum on Health and medical tourism, "Altai wintering" holiday and many others.

In recent years, the interest of tourists in the region has been actively growing, as evidenced by an increase in tourist flow by an average of 10-15% per year, and this is largely due to event tourism.

The main strategic objective of the development of event tourism is to involve local residents in the process - entrepreneurs, youth, creative teams. This creates a unique local flavor and allows the event to be firmly anchored on the territory.

In the rating of the country's regions according to the results of the final of the National Award in the field of event tourism "Russian Event Awards", the Altai Territory is among the leaders, ahead of the famous tourist regions of the country.


The annual holiday "Maralnik Blossom" opens the summer tourist season in the Altai Territory. A cultural and entertainment, sports program, creative contests, exhibitions of retro and automotive equipment, an exhibition of artisans are organized for the guests. As part of the holiday, there is a press tour of bloggers and professional photographers, excursions to places of mass flowering of the maral, visiting tourist attractions located on the territory of the Turquoise Katun.

The Shukshin Festival, known as the Shukshin Readings, has been held in the Altai Territory since 1976. The event is attended by more than 20 thousand tourists from all over Russia, including guests of honor - famous actors, musicians, writers - all those who knew Vasily Makarovich personally, or for whom his work predetermined their future fate and path. The Shukshin festival consists of literary readings, a film festival and festivities in the city of Piket.

The Altai wintering holiday has been held in the region since 2014. It is timed to coincide with the arrival of swans and opens the winter tourist season. On the water, in the air, on ice, in the forest, the "Altai Wintering" holiday demonstrated all the variety of winter recreation in the Altai Territory.