Places to visit

Objects of nature

The nature of the Altai Territory is amazing. Tourists rush to these places to enjoy beautiful views of mountains, turbulent rivers, mysterious caves and deserted spaces. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of these places.

Objects of history and culture

There are more than 5 thousand monuments of archeology, architecture, history and culture in the Altai Territory. The richest cultural heritage of the region is the basis for the development of cultural and educational tourism.


Entertainment objects

The Altai Territory has a well-developed recreation and entertainment industry. Water parks and spa complexes, quad biking, ski and ski trails ... At any time of the year, the rest in the region will be eventful and memorable.

Altai is a land generously endowed by nature. Every traveler will find something of his own here: a water manager - rivers, an archaeologist - ancient sites and caves, parents with children - comfort and safety, a gourmet - delicious dishes. Altai Territory is very large and varied.



Get to know the most popular routes in the Altai Territory.