Homeland of Shukshin

Srostki village, Biysk region, Altai Territory

The birthplace of the famous actor, writer, director Vasily Shukshin is Biysk district, the village of Srostki.

Concretions - an old Siberian village, located 35 km southeast of the city of Biysk at the foot of Mount Piket, from the top of which a magnificent panorama of the Katun floodplain and the foothills of Altai opens. It was in such a place that Vasily Makarovich Shukshin was born and raised - a well-known and beloved by the people writer, film director, actor, Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR, laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR. In 2004, a monument to Vasily Makarovich by People's Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Klykov was erected at the top of the Piket.

In 1978, a museum of an eminent compatriot was opened in the village. People immediately fell in love with the house near Piket, and in 1989 the wooden building of the Srostin school, which Vasily Shukshin graduated from and even taught a little in it, became the main building and a repository of thousands of exhibits. In 1999, when Shukshin would have turned 70, the museum acquired the status of the All-Russian Memorial Museum-Reserve.

Photo: Ruslan Olinchuk

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Where is
Biysk region is located in the southeastern part of the region, on the Pre-Altai plain. The western part is located within the Biysko-Chumysh Upland, the eastern part - the spurs of the Salair ridge, the southeastern part is the foothills of the Biyskaya Griva ridge.
How to get there

Highways pass through the territory of the district: M52 "Novosibirsk - Biysk - Tashanta", "Barnaul - Belokurikha". To Biysk there is a railway, then by road.


The Altai Territory is very large and diverse. The topography changes as you move through the territory. It is as if a growing bear, at first quiet and calm, then huge and majestic. So the steppes and plains grow into the foothills and the mountains.


In summer, in July, the Shukshin Readings are held. A large-scale event attended by guests from all over Russia and abroad.

In Autumn

In autumn, the Katun River acquires its amazing turquoise color.

In winter

Contemplative, educational tourism, winter fishing.


Make a stop in the village of splices, visit museums and complexes, wherever you go along the Chuysky tract!