"Turquoise Katun"

Altai region, the left bank of the Katun in the approximate boundaries of the village. Manzherok - pos. Izvestkovy along the Chuisky tract (highway R 256 / M-52).

Alliance of nature and civilization

The special economic zone of tourist and recreational type "Biryuzovaya Katun" is a base, hotels and mini-hotels of various comfort, dispersed not far from a largeartificial lakeoverlooking the mountains. This warm reservoir with a coastline of about a kilometer is the highlight of the Turquoise Katun (there are very few places for swimming in the mountainous area).

The left untouched coastal area of the Katun and the promenades along the river give the feeling of a comfortable outdoor recreation. The main Turquoise Street of the complex is a real avenue among the mountains. Asphalt paths illuminated at night branch out to all ends of the residential part of the tourist zone. Restaurants and cafes, a canteen and a shop, souvenir and shopping stalls, an exhibition gallery, sports grounds - without leaving the "Turquoise Katun", vacationers find everything they need.

Fans of a quiet beach holiday can supplement it with wellness programs based on antler baths, relaxing"Sleeping on the hives"or bath procedures in a modern format.

Active tourism and bright holidays

Large tourist sites - ski slopes,fishing pond, apiary, hunting and maral breeding economy,archaeological park "Crossroads of the Worlds"and Tavdinskie caves - removed from the residential zone inland of the complex at a distance of one to 5 kilometers.

Justifying the status of the Altai Adventure Park, the special economic zone offers guests many options for outdoor activities. Excursion and tourist routes up to extreme ones - on horses, jeeps and ATVs, rafts and kayaks. Fishing tours and visiting the neighboringgambling zone "Siberian coin"orAya Natural Park... In summer - paintball and go-karting, water attractions and a rope park, in winter - a skating rink. Turquoise Katun has interesting activities at any time of the year.

During the high season, bright and noisymusical, youth and auto festivals,folklore holidaysand sports championships.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk

"Turquoise Katun" на карте

Where is
Altai region, the left bank of the Katun in the approximate boundaries of the village. Manzherok - pos. Izvestkovy along the Chuisky tract (highway R 256 / M-52).


How to get there
By regular buses or by negotiating a transfer with hotels on the Turquoise Katun.

By personal transport - from Barnaul along the Chuysky tract (federal highway R 256 / M 52) to the bridge across the Katun beyond the village. Manzherok (before reaching the source of Arzhan-Suu). Travel time on a free road - from 3.5 hours.


The Altai Territory is very large and diverse. The topography changes as you move through the territory. It is as if a growing bear, at first quiet and calm, then huge and majestic. So the steppes and plains grow into the foothills and the mountains.


Swim in the warm lake and fish. Explore the Valley of grottoes and caves. Rafting down the Katun. Celebrate"Day of Russia at Turquoise Katun"and a festival with loversThe Beatles.

In Autumn

Go on a photo tour along the emerald river. Take a course of antler baths inmaralnik... Visitarchaeological park "Crossroads of the Worlds".

In winter

Go skiing and bagel skiing, lake skating and snowmobiling. Explore grottoes and caves. Visitgambling zone "Siberian coin".   


Go toholiday "Maralnik Blossom"... Go to the apiary for real honey. Sit with a fishing rod in a picturesque place - on a mountain river or nearstocked pond.