Belokurikha resort town

230 km from Barnaul and 70 km from Biysk on the border of the Biysk plain and the Cherginsky ridge.

The attractiveness of Belokurikha as a resort is created by a combination of three factors: picturesque nature, healing properties of the local waters and a well-developed infrastructure for accommodation and leisure.

The air, rich in negative aerons, gives vigor and well-being to people resting here. Their average content in the upper part of the resort and on the slopes of the mountains exceeds the famous Swiss resort of Davos by more than two times. In addition to treatment in Belokurikha, the recreation and entertainment industry is developing well.

The resort area of Belokurikha is an independent area of the city, which stretches along a green valley. This is especially clearly visible if you climb the mountains along the only cable-chair road beyond the Urals. The twenty-five minute climb is a wonderful journey over the mountains and forest to one of the resort's most remarkable spots.

For treatment, mineral springs water, lake mud, blue clay are used.Natural healing factors in Belokurikha are a unique microclimate, mountainous landscape, mineral water springs.

Belokurikha is slightly distant from the city and is hidden in the river valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains. Due to this situation, there are few winds in the resort area, a lot of sunny days, about 260 a year. The climate here is mild, without sudden temperature changes from a warm winter by Siberian standards.

Belokurikha is famous for its ski slopes. There are a lot of them: for both amateurs and professionals. Belokurikha acquired the status of a ski resort only at the end of the twentieth century. There are systems of artificial snowmaking on the slopes, allowing you to increase the season up to six months. There is a ski school here, where they teach vacationers the basics of skiing. For those who do not have their own ski equipment, a rental is organized. You can rent skis, snowboards, sledges and other equipment.

Horseback riding has become popular. Horse breeding is developed in the vicinity of the resort; there is a pedigree horse farm with purebred horses. Paragliding and hang-gliding sports are also developing.

The resort town of Belokurikha -the leader of the health resort complex of the Altai Territory... In 2017, the resort was recognized as the best federal resort in Russia for the sixth time in a row. There are 15 health resort complexes here, including 2 health resorts for children at the regional and federal levels.

The development of Belokurikha is associated withcreation of a new site "Belokurikha-2"... This is a project to create a completely new resort in the unique foothills of the Altai Territory. The new resort will use the rich potential of the natural healing resources of Altai. Among them are the mineral radon waters of the new Iskrovskoe deposit, which are unique in their medicinal and chemical properties. Thermal radon water contains a large amount of nitrogen. Radon acts on the body through the nerve endings of the skin or by the penetration of radon with the flow of blood and lymph into the subcutaneous fat and other organs and tissues. Radon waters have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic effects, have a unique ability to lower cholesterol in the human body.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk

Belokurikha resort town на карте

Where is
Altai region. In the south of the region, in the valley of the Belokurikha River, at an altitude of 240-250 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount Tserkovka. 230 km from Barnaul and 70 km from Biysk on the border of the Biysk plain and the Cherginsky ridge.

How to get there
Intercity buses, personal transport. By rail you can get to Biysk, Barnaul or Novosibirsk, and then by direct bus to the bus station in the city of Belokurikha. By plane to Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk or Novosibirsk, then also by direct bus to the bus station Belokurikha. From the bus station Belokurikha by minibus or regular taxi.


The Altai Territory is very large and diverse. The topography changes as you move through the territory. It is as if a growing bear, at first quiet and calm, then huge and majestic. So the steppes and plains grow into the foothills and the mountains.


The most attractive seasons for tourists in Belokurikha are the summer months and the New Year holidays. But with the development of conditions for skiing, the growing attractiveness of Belokurikha as a venue for conferences, meetings, corporate events, the construction of new health centers, the resort is confidently turning into a year-round.

In Autumn

Excursions to the Horse Yard, photography of the golden autumn, weddings and honeymoon trips.

In winter

Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling. Excursion to the Swan Sanctuary, where birds fly for the winter. From Tserkovka - a steep descent for extreme lovers.


Treatment, walks to Tserkovka, Horse yard, mass festivities, quad biking in the vicinity, walks along the alleys, terrenkurs. In Belokurikha there are billiard clubs and bowling alleys, as well as many cafes and restaurants representing various types of cuisines.