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Soloneshensky district

The Soloneshensky District of the Altai Territory is a treasury of ancient historical heritage, which is just beginning to reveal its secrets. This is a unique territory where the following are concentrated:

  • monuments of all major archaeological eras, from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages;
  • here nature has created admirable masterpieces - lakes and waterfalls, caves and springs;
  • people with a distinctive culture and interesting centuries-old traditions live here.

Tourists visiting Soloneshensky district are especially attracted by the monument"Denisova cave"- the whole history of mankind in one archaeological site, and a complex reserve of regional significance "Cascade of waterfalls on the Shinok River." On the Karama River, archaeologists discovered the oldest human site, 800,000 years old, which forced scientists to radically reconsider their views on the development of human civilization in Siberia.

Mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, flora and fauna of the Soloneshensky region form a surprisingly harmonious natural complex. A rich history stretching back hundreds of thousands of years into the depths of time is recorded in archaeological finds of world importance. The region possesses all the necessary resources for the development of almost all the most attractive types of tourism.

In addition to organized visits to unique archaeological sites, tourists are offered interesting excursions to the waterfalls.Shinok riverand into the amazing underground world of Altai caves. According to the regional target program "Development of tourism in the Altai Territory" for 2011-2016, it is planned to create a tourist and excursion cluster "Soloneshensky" in the region.

Photo: Boris Konovalov, Ruslan Olinchuk, Valery Stepanyuk

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Where is

The Soloneshensky district is located in the southeastern part of the Altai Territory, within the low-mountainous relief, which is formed by the Anuisky and Baschelaksky ridges. The highest point is Mount Budachikha (1949 m). The Anuy River with tributaries flows through the territory of the region, the valley of which divides the region into approximately two equal parts, as well as the Peschanaya River.

How to get there

The Biysk - Ust-Kan highway, as well as the highway connecting the Soloneshensky and Charyshsky districts, passes through the territory of the district.


The Altai Territory is very large and diverse. The topography changes as you move through the territory. It is as if a growing bear, at first quiet and calm, then huge and majestic. So the steppes and plains grow into the foothills and the mountains.


Summer is the most favorable period for traveling in this area. Tourists can see rivers, caves, swim in reservoirs.

In Autumn

Dry sunny autumn days make the landscapes unforgettable. Autumn is a great time for excursions to the caves.

In winter

The main tourist attraction of the region - Denisova Cave - is closed for visits in winter, excursions are not conducted.