Gambling zone "Siberian coin"

Altai region, Kaim tract.

The only territory in Siberia where gambling is allowed is being built up in the foothills of Altai. The first to accept gambling enthusiastsfour-level complex Altai Palace... It unites a casino, a hotel, a restaurant, a karaoke hall, a SPA complex, a large outdoor area for active recreation and a summer concert venue.

The operating gaming halls of Altai Palace are designed for 500 guests. When2.3 thousand hectaresInvestors will build up Sibirskaya Coin completely, the network of Altai casinos will grow to almost fifty objects.

Guests of the gambling zone can stay atAltai Palace hotel(category 4 *) or in any of the nearby tourist complexes (the trip by car takes 15-20 minutes). Until 2019, several more hotels and villas, inscribed in the natural landscape, will appear on the territory of Sibirskaya Coin next to new gambling establishments.

In addition toentertainment and SPA servicesAltai Palace guests of "Sibirskaya Coin" have access to wellness procedures and leisure activities of the tourist complex"Turquoise Katun"located 15 minutes away: an artificial lake for swimming and fishing, two ski slopes and an extreme amusement park. For visitors to the gambling zone can be organizedexcursion and active tourson natural landscapes and cultural attractions of the Altai region.

With the growth of tourist flow to the "Sibirskaya Moneta" in the gambling zone, it is planned to build an equestrian arena, go-carting and a climbing wall. Fitness clubs and a paragliding center will be open for those who love outdoor activities. An amusement park and a cinema and concert complex will appear in the Siberian Coin. The project of the gambling zone along the ice-free Kaim River envisages the construction of a cascade of artificial reservoirs and a year-round water park, ski and snowboard centers.

Photo: Ruslan Olinchuk


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Where is

Altai region, Kaim tract.

How to get there
By private car from Biysk - through Srostki to the village of Souzga. Behind it, at 457 km of the Chuisky tract, turn left across the new Aisky bridge. Along the Aisky tract, follow the signs in the direction of the Biryuzovaya Katun SEZ. Behind a small bridge over the Ustyub River - to the right. After 8 km from the beginning of the gravel surface, a view of the "Altai Palace" will open.


The Altai Territory is very large and diverse. The topography changes as you move through the territory. It is as if a growing bear, at first quiet and calm, then huge and majestic. So the steppes and plains grow into the foothills and the mountains.


Spend time at the outdoor pools and on the summer terrace. VisitMusic and Sun Festival... Every Saturday at Altai Palace FEST pop singers, popular in Russia, perform.

In Autumn

Sing in the nightly karaoke hall or play billiards. Get a boost of vivacity in the gym. Go on a photo tour along the emerald Katun. Pamper yourself with wellness treatments in maralniks.

In winter

Relax in the spa, visit the nightclub and star performances in the Altai Palace concert hall. Ridedownhill skiing... Get acquainted with the wellness procedures of Belokurikha.


Take part in the festival"Kings of the Off-Road"... To visit the holiday"Maralnik Blossom"... Go to the apiaries for real honey. Sit with a fishing rod on a mountain river or by a stocked pond.