Country Belovodye

13 April 2024

Belovodye is a legendary country of Russian legends. A country of freedom, equality, prosperity. It is here that milk rivers flow along the jelly banks. There, far from the hectic world, the righteous live, the country is ruled by wise rulers, there is no boyar and sovereign oppression. Only good-natured people can get into it.

It is believed that the legend originated in the eighteenth century, during the resettlement, or rather, the flight from persecution, of the Old Believer communities. There were even "guidebooks" that told how to get to Belovodye. In the nineteenth century, the fabulous country of the Old Believers took on real shape and place - in the valley of the Katun River.

Nicholas Roerich, a famous thinker, artist, writer, believed that the legend was born in Altai and is associated with Buddhist legends about Shambhala.