5 ideas for winter holidays in Altai

11 April 2024

The winters in Altai are long,beautiful and snowy. Russian fairy tales very accurately convey the atmosphere, plots, characters of people. As if they were all written here in Altai. Snow and frost makes people move, but it is in movement that the joy of winter recreation is. Skiing, ice skating, troika, sledding, ice fishing, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling and much more. Winter tours are a great way to celebrate the New Year in an active, fun and interesting way.

1. Ski Altai. Belokurikha

The city-resort of federal significance is rightfully considered a mecca of ski tourism and sports.Белокуриха... There are trails for beginners, professionals and intermediate skiers. There are trails ideal even for children. There is a ski school for beginners. They learn to ride not only downhill skiing, but also snowboarding. Another large ski complex is located on the territory of the special economic zone - "Turquoise Katun". The slopes are attractive not only for their excellent service, but also for the impressive panoramas that open onto the Katun River valley when descending.


2. Flights to Altai. Paragliding camping

Paragliding is a dynamically developing, spectacular sport that gathers in Altai a large number of participants not only from Russia, but also from neighboring countries, Europe and Asia. On the territory of the region there is a unique place for flights - certifiedcamping for paragliders "Bobrovaya Zaimka"in the Smolensk region, not far from Belokurikha.

The most favorable seasons for flights are called winter, the days when the weather is set. Winter kiting, also called snowkiting, is high-speed skiing with the help of a special kite - a kite. Even a small wind force is enough for riding. The Smolensk region, where the camping is located, is ideal for snowkiting. In Russia, and all over the world, it is a very young, but rapidly gaining popularity, sport and recreation. Many skiers have taken a great interest in kiting and are now skiing in the foothills of Altai.


3. Swan Lakes. Excursions to the reserve

About 600 whooper swans fly to the Altai Territory annually for wintering.Non-freezing lakes of the Soviet region- this is the magnet that attracts swans. In the very middle of the huge continent, where trees crackle from frost, and many rivers and lakes freeze almost to the bottom, graceful birds live, create pairs and raise young graceful birds on small non-freezing lakes. A modern man can envy these birds: they travel, see many countries and territories, but most importantly, they form alliances for life. In sorrow and joy, in warmth and cold, in illness and health ... who today does not dream about it? During wintering, couples constantly keep close to each other and tenderly take care of the cubs. Tourists arriving at the Swan Sanctuary become witnesses of the scenes of their family life.

Every December, Altai Territory hosts the Altai wintering holiday, timed to coincide with the arrival of swans and opening the winter tourist season.


4. Alone with nature. Peasant hospitality

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, among centuries-old pines, rural guest houses await tourists. People come here for solitude, reflection, the silent beauty of nature. The cuisine is unique due to the proximity of mini-cheese factories, bakeries, herbs, mushrooms, berries and honey collected in the summer - all that the Altai agrarian region is famous for. "Green" houses of the foothills are waiting for guests inSoloneshenskyCharyshskom, Smolensk, Altai regions. The taiga Zarinsky region is a special story. It is here that you will learn what a real ski trip is, when snow-covered bearded pines or snowdrifts similar to dens lie on the tourist's trail, when around the clean taiga air and the rays of the sun pierce the white cold forest with thin arrows.

5. Riding triplets and dog sleds

Not far from the ski center of the Belokurikha region, you can visittourist and entertainment complex "Siberian Compound", where there is a hippodrome and a stable with elite thoroughbred horses. An emotional and exciting spectacle awaits tourists - horse racing, as well as horseback riding. "Siberian Compound" is a platform for holding major event events. Here at the end of February a large festival "Siberian Maslenitsa" is held, gathering more than 20 thousand guests from all over the world. In addition to the inhabitants of the horse yard, marals, roe deer, sika deer live in the Siberian courtyard, there is a poultry yard (peacocks, ostriches, pheasants, partridges, mandarin duck, chickens and cockerels of various breeds ...) and a museum of ancient village utensils - elements of harnesses, antique furniture, chests, etc. of course carriages and carts.


Dog sledding is another young and dynamically developing area of Altai tourism. Not far from Barnaul - in the Pervomaisky district - locatedSiberian husky kennel "Altai Rocks"... During the excursion "Dog sled racing in Altai, in Russia, in the world" tourists are given the opportunity to try harnessing a dog and go kani-cross.