Health tourism

The first thing for which you should choose the Altai Territory is the air. Wherever you are - on salt lakes, in the foothills, in the forest - everywhere your breath will be full and light. For example, in Belokurikha, the content of light aeroins in the air is twice as high as in the Swiss Davos.

Water - springs, rivers, lakes - the wealth of the Altai Territory and great opportunities for health improvement. In the Kulunda steppe, which is one of the largest saline regions of the country, there are a large number of internal drainage mineralized lakes. Many of them contain bottom sediments of salts or their industrial concentration in brine. There are 35 healing springs and springs in the Altai Territory. Belokurikhinskoe, Iskrovskoe, Chernovskoe deposits of mineral radon-containing waters are known and used in the treatment and rehabilitation; Zavyalovskie sources; Bekhtemir deposit of mineral silver-containing medicinal waters.

Altai herbs make local honey unique. It tastes different from the honey of central Russia. The composition of the soil, the climate, the variety of vegetation - all these are the components of a special taste and benefit.

There are more than 40 sanatoriums in the Altai Territory. The leader of the health resort complex of the Altai Territory is the federal resort city Belokurikha.

Radon waters
Waters containing radon have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems, the body's immune properties and metabolism.

Radon baths have a pronounced sedative and analgesic effect, improve the activity of the heart, and help to normalize blood pressure. The effect of radon waters has been deeply studied by specialists, whose practice has confirmed a positive effect on humans. High efficiency of waters requires compulsory accompaniment and supervision of specialists, which is possible only in specialized medical institutions.

In the Altai Territory, the main resort, existing on the basis of the thermal waters of the radon deposit, is Belokurikha.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Salt lakes
The saline lakes of the Altai steppe have healing and health-improving properties. Once upon a time, millions of years ago, the sea was lapping here. Then everything changed, the processes of mountain building began, and the sea ceded its possessions, leaving in memory of itself the salt lakes, rich in marine heritage. The most famous in Altai are Bolshoye and Maloye Yarovoye lakes, as well as Gorko-Peresheechnoye, Malinovoye and others. Today, sanatoriums use highly mineralized brine and silt mud in the treatment of neurological, therapeutic, surgical, gynecological, and dermatological diseases.

The Zavyalovskie lakes are also known for their properties. They are rich in silt-sulphide and sapropel mud, brine, medicinal-table mineral water. There is a hospital for accommodation and treatment with local natural factors for people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Antler baths
Maral - a subspecies of the red deer carries the sun on its horns. So it was believed in antiquity. Today we can say with confidence that the red deer has raised new opportunities for the development of tourism in the Altai Territory on its horns. Antler maral breeding and its products are an excellent platform for treatment and recovery. Habitat, forage from medicinal herbs, drinking water of animals - only in Altai all these factors combined and became the most favorable in the world for the breeding of marals and the production of antler products.

Antler baths are a powerful procedure that helps to increase immunity and stability of the nervous system, accelerate recovery after surgery, and remove the body from a state of chronic fatigue. They normalize blood pressure, sleep, increase efficiency, strengthen the body's basic systems of life.

Marals are bred in Altai, Soloneshensky and Charyshsky districts. There are farms in Krasnoshchekovsky, Krasnogorsky, Smolensky and Ust-Pristansky districts. Bases for tourists have been created almost everywhere

Before applying the procedures, you need to consult a specialist.

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk