Tavern "Gogol"

The very building of the restaurant is a 19th century merchant's house, which has been carefully reconstructed. The architectural ensemble is based on the Russian style of the 19th century. The menu includes dishes based on the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, who, as you know, was a great lover of delicious food. In addition to the main hall, the restaurant has a summer terrace. The room-museum deserves special attention, where the authors of the project tried to recreate the writer's office. The interior of the restaurant features an interweaving of Russian and Ukrainian motives, an abundance of natural wood, antique and stylized furniture, bright wallpapers and, of course, paintings based on the works of Nikolai Vasilyevich. - Once one of the guests uttered the phrase: "You smell like the old days and the past." The owners of the restaurant thought - if history has a smell, why don't we try to reproduce its taste? For inspiration, they turned to the work of Gogol, since no one wrote better than him about the cuisine of the 18-19 centuries. The restaurant's menu contains what he described in his works with love, trepidation and appetite: pie pies and dumplings, salted bacon and green cabbage soup, sbiten and berry juice. As you know, Nikolai Vasilyevich was a big fan of delicious food from different cuisines of the world. He was very fond of pasta with a lot of butter, dumplings, dumplings and sweets.

Recommended to try

  • Potato pancakes
  • Gogol-mogol dessert

Tavern "Gogol" на карте

Where is
Altai Territory, Belokurikha (Historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda", resort "Belokurikha-2")
How to get there
By private car or taxi


Altai Territory, Belokurikha (Historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda", resort "Belokurikha-2")
VT-VS 11.00–19.00