Epiphany Church of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Barnaul, st. Anton Petrov, 221

For the first time after the 1917 revolution, a new Orthodox church was built in Barnaul at the end of 1995. In order to obtain permission for its construction, a referendum and a competition for an urban planning idea were held. The best decision was made by Y. and E. Bulavin, who inscribed the future church in the park zone at the intersection of three districts of the city.

It took a year and a half to build the so-called small (baptismal) church, designed by the Barnaul architect Sergei Bozhenko. Brick, five-headed, in the style of eclecticism, it was named Epiphany (it was consecrated in honor of the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord).

The main three-altar cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky temple complex (the project of Alexander Dering), to which this church belongs, cannot be completed due to lack of funds. A detached hipped-roof belfry (1997) and a chapel of the blessing of water were erected on the territory of the temple complex according to the project of A. Dering's workshop.

Photo by Pavel Filatov

Epiphany Church of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral на карте

Where is
Barnaul, st. Anton Petrov, 221 (intersection with Ostrovsky street).
How to get there
By personal or public transport to the stop "Ostrovsky" (on Anton Petrov street).