Health track in Barnaul

Barnaul, Zmeinogorsky tract, 36

In 2006 Barnaul residents got a new place for active outdoor recreation. The Maria-Ra company has cleared and laid a convenient 25-kilometer track in the belt forest. It runs close to the main ski resorts, starting and ending at Dynamo (the farthest point of the track is the Lesnik's House near the Lebyazhye railway station). The company has built bridges at the intersection of the route with the gas pipeline, Lesnoy tract and the Lentochny Bor highway. In winter, the Health Track has two recreation areas with free hot tea. Over the weekend, from 10 to 15 thousand people cross it on skis.

During the opening days of the winter track "Maria-Ra" organizes city holidays with food, entertainment and competitions. All athletes who appear on this track are awarded prizes. Every week, among the buyers of the Maria-Ra network, who went skiing on the Health Track, television prize raffles are held. And at the end of the season, the organizers play a car and an apartment.

During the warm season, cyclists and fans of Scandinavian walking run on the "Health Track". In 2016, Maria-Ra organized spring and autumn Walking Days for the first time. The participants chose the distance and method of movement (jogging, walking, Nordic walking, cycling) themselves.

Health routes similar to those of Barnaul were also laid by Alexander Rakshin's company in Tomsk (in 2013) and in Rubtsovsk (in 2014), 10 and 12 kilometers long, and a year later - in the village of Altayskoye, Altai region.

Photo from the group "Maria-Ra" VKontakte, Valery Stepanyuk.

Health track in Barnaul на карте

Where is
Barnaul, Zmeinogorsky tract, 36.
How to get there
By personal or public transport to the stop "Ski base" Dynamo "/" Telecentre ".