Health track in Belokurikha

Altai Territory, Belokurikha, st. Slavsky, 34
On October 14, 2016 in Belokurikha, the opening of the "Health Trail" took place.
The health track of the Rossiya sanatorium originates from the Echo eco-hotel and runs along a pine forest.

The length of the track was 1170 meters (including the length of the ellipses at the shooting range and the penalty loop). The relief is natural: flat areas are replaced by descents and ascents, the height differences reach 20 meters. The track is asphalted, has markings, is fully illuminated.

The “Health Trail” is used as a health path for walking, convenient for cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding, suitable for Nordic walking, walking. In winter, the facility is used as a cross-country ski trail (with surface preparation with a snowcat).

The main pride and distinctive feature of the track, which has no analogues in Belokurikha, is the presence of a shooting range, which allows the facility to be used as a roller ski track for professional training of biathletes. It is also planned that the Health Track will become one of the venues for marathons and other sports competitions.

Photo: sanatorium "Russia"