Terrenkur named after Breslavsky

Altai Territory, Smolensk District, near the complex under construction "Belokurikha-2"

The first recreational walking route was laid in the vicinity of the Belokurikha-2 resort under construction in 2016. The terrenkur in the direction of Sukhaya Griva Mountain was built, guided by the recommendations of doctors about the length of pedestrian sections and the degrees of elevation of the trail.

The journey through the woodland along the well-filled terrenkur soil begins at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level. At the final point of the route, after 1.8 kilometers, the ascent reaches 902 meters. Due to the significant difference in heights (142 meters), the purest mountain air, saturated with air ions, and the untouched relict vegetation of the forests, the health effect of the passage of this terrainkour is very high.

Every 200-300 meters of the route, there are gazebos for rest, toilets and stands indicating the distance traveled and the angle of the path. It also reports the optimal number of steps per minute and heart rate. The 11th stop station "Polyana Berendeya" is the "final" terrenkura, but the trail winds another 7 kilometers - to the rocky complex "Stone Garden" ("Sartykpay Belt"). This is one of 16 routes already laid in the vicinity of "Belokurikha-2" for vacationers at the base resort and tourists of the Smolensk region.

On the 150 hectares of the natural park around "Belokurikha-2", other paths for therapeutic and training walking will appear. Doctors recommend traveling on terrenkurs only if you feel well. The appearance of fatigue, shortness of breath, pain (headache, in the region of the heart or behind the breastbone) is a signal to stop walking.

“Mountain terrenkurs all over the world are considered one of the most effective workouts for all body systems,” says Tatiana Kovalenko, head physician of the Belokurikha Resort sanatoriums. Unhurried walking on them provides dosed physical activity, improves the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, picturesque views and sounds of nature even out the emotional background.

The first health-improving route of the new resort site "Belokurikha-2" was named after Nikolai Leontyevich Breslavsky, the chief forester who worked in the Belokurikha forestry at the end of the 20th century.

Photo by V. Vaitiev.

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Where is
Altai Territory, Smolensk District, near the Belokurikha-2 complex under construction.
How to get there
After the 56th kilometer of the P-368 highway Biysk-Belokurikha - turn to Novotyryshkino. At the crossroads in 7 kilometers - beyond the "Siberian Compound" before the turn to Ulyanovka. At the exit from the village - turn left to a new pass.