Terrenkur to the "Old Mill"

Smolensk region, Belokurikha

The walking path along the log, along which the Belokurikha River flows, goes to a clearing with a fake mill. This 3-kilometer trail features the resort's sanatoriums for walking. Its main advantages are moderate physical activity with constant ascent upward and clean mountain air, saturated with the aromas of pine needles and forest herbs and saturated with air ions.

The sounds of murmuring water and amazing landscapes of the mixed forest restore the peace of mind of travelers along the terrencourt. You can admire the picturesque views here slowly: along the entire route, even in the most secluded corners, near the water, there are benches and wooden gazebos. There is a suspension bridge halfway across the river.

The fine gravel terrainkur soil remains firm and dry enough even in inclement weather. The wide canvas is convenient for walking with companies. So that the physical activity can be dosed, there are signs along the trail with marks of the ascent height and the distance traveled.

At the end of the route, near the "Old Mill", there is a dam on the river. You can swim here even in winter.


Travel Tips

Walking to the "Old Mill" is most useful in the morning and in the evening. At this time, the concentration of air ions that give the mountain air a healing effect is maximum.

Terrenkur to the "Old Mill" на карте

Where is
Smolensk region, Belokurikha.
How to get there
On the street Slavsky (the main street of the resort area) to the very end. After the children's sanatorium of Krayzdrav turn right into the forest. The beginning of the terrenkur is behind the gate with a route indicator.