Znamensky nunnery

Barnaul, st. Bolshaya Olonskaya, 26

One of the oldest churches in the city, the Cathedral of the Sign was rebuilt three times. The modern building was erected in 1859. After 1937, the chapters and the bell tower were dismantled at the temple, the dome was removed. The building was used for the archives of the NKVD, the Barnaul Archive Bureau (later - the regional state archive).

Two years after the return to the Orthodox community, in 1994, the Cathedral of the Sign was transformed into a convent. At the monastery there is a small museum about the Theotokos-Kazan (Korobeinikovsky) monastery, there is a Sunday school.

Photo: Denis Ivlev

Znamensky nunnery на карте

Where is

Barnaul, st. Bolshaya Olonskaya, 26.

How to get there

By public or private transport to the Rechnoy Vokzal stop.