Clock Museum

Altai Territory, Biysk, per. Muromtsevsky, 6 (school number 4, main entrance)

The 2400 hours of the Biysk Museum are housed in eight halls stylized for different eras. One is decorated as a merchant's drawing room - an old nineteenth-century sideboard, furniture of the first Biysk doctor, household items typical of the early twentieth century ... Another is a watchmaker's workshop, the third is a hall of the early Soviet period, the fourth is a watch shop ... wristwatches of famous watch brands coexist with pieces of furniture, culture and everyday life of different eras.

The collection of the museum contains clocks of the XIX-XXI centuries from different countries: Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China and South Korea, Tsarist Russia, all watch factories of the USSR and post-Soviet ... Sand and water, mechanical, quartz and electric. Various purposes - tank, diving, chess and technical, for medical procedures and braille (for blind people) ... Amazingly shaped: balalaika watches and frying pans, miniature clock-receiver and clock-plate.

The guests of the museum have the opportunity to replenish the collection of watches with their own copies - whether it be watches of the XXI century or their predecessors ...

Photo of the Clock Museum and from the Altayturcenter archive.

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Where is

Altai Territory, Biysk, per. Muromtsevsky, 6 (school number 4, main entrance).

Tel. (385-4) 33-12-47; 8-963-524-56-74 (head of the museum Pavel Sergeevich Kovalenko).

Working hours: Monday-Saturday - 9.00-17.00, Sunday - 9.00-15.00 (by prior arrangement).

How to get there
By taxi or private transport.