Historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda"

Altai Territory, Smolensk District, Belokurikha-2
In June 2017, the historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda" opened at Belokurikha-2, allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of life and everyday life in Siberia in the 19th century. The author of this complex is Vladimir Voichishin, a talented sculpture, author of the silver "Rothschild Violin", which is included in the permanent exhibition of the State Hermitage.

On the site of the complex there are: a healer's house, a smithy, a distillery, a bread house, a barn, a locomobile, a peasant's house and a monument to Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. During the reconstruction of the interior of the old buildings, authentic items of the 19th century were used. The center of the settlement is the house of the Andreev merchants, built in 1822. Soon after the construction, a tavern with Russian-German cuisine was opened on the ground floor. The house was built in the village of Verkh-Anuisky, Bystroistok district, and almost two hundred years later it was moved to a new location. The house was restored and the interior of the 19th century was recreated.

Chests, icons, dishes, household utensils and other exhibits of the historical and architectural complex were collected throughout Altai throughout the year. For example, a locomobile, which was previously used in agriculture, was brought from the village of Multa. Badly worn out, it fell into the hands of Altai craftsmen, was completely restored, and now adorns the complex. It is planned that the collection of old household items and kitchen utensils will continue to be constantly replenished.

Having arrived here, tourists can try themselves in the role of a blacksmith, see ancient icons, herbal preparations, learn the technology of semi-tar production and the secrets of baking bread in a real Russian oven. In addition, you can have a delicious lunch on the territory of the complex. The "Gogol" tavern will feed everyone with the best dishes of Russian and German cuisine, and the unusual interior will help to create an atmosphere of antiquity.

Photo: Vladimir Vaitiev

Travel Tips

When visiting "Andreevskaya Sloboda", you should plan for additional expenses: the entrance to the territory of the complex, although small, is still paid. In addition, you will definitely want to taste delicious dishes in the "Gogol" tavern.

Historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda" на карте

Where is
Altai Territory, Smolensk District, Belokurikha-2.


How to get there
At the end of the serpentine road, turn left at the signpost, past the art object "Artist's Glade", the next will be the historical and architectural complex "Andreevskaya Sloboda".