Optical laser center

Altai region

The first stage of a ground satellite tracking station with a laser telescope was put into operation 4.5 km from the village of Savvushka in 2004. 10 years later, at some distance from the first site, on the top of Bolshoi Mountain, the construction of the second stage of the Altai Optical-Laser Center (AOLTs) named after G. Titov was completed. The mountain was crowned with a 3-meter telescope under a huge sliding dome. Its steel silvery ball is clearly visible to those resting onKolyvan lake.

Altai telescopes ply the sky with green laser beams almost round the clock from their retractable shelters. With the help of this high-precision optical measuring technique, the dimensions, coordinates and trajectory of objects along the earth's orbit are determined here. These data are required to control the launch of spacecraft launched from Baikonur and control their movement.

The Altai Optical-Laser Center is part of the Russian Space Forces and is under protection. Entrance to the territory is allowed only with passes, accompanied by an employee of the center.

Photo: Daniil Melnikov

Optical laser center на карте

Where is

Zmeinogorsk district, with. Savvushka.

How to get there
The trip by bus from Barnaul will take 6 hours. By private car, you need to leave the regional capital along the Zmeinogorsky tract (Barnaul-Aleisk highway). Having passed Aleysk, at the fork, turn onto the Aleysk-Rubtsovsk highway, and after another 95 km - onto Pospelikha. From it go to Zmeinogorsk, pass Kurya, 30 km after which Savvushka will appear. A road has been laid from the central street of the village to the lower platform of the Optical-Laser Center.