The road to the resort "Belokurikha Gornaya"

Altai region

The road connecting Belokurikha and the resort under construction “Belokurikha Gornaya” was built in less than two years. The route winds along the mountain valley from the north-east to the south-west for almost 8 kilometers, steadily climbing up (the elevation difference is 420 meters).

This beautiful serpentine surpasses the Seminsky pass and Chike-Taman in terms of specific characteristics. In the fall of 2015, the highway opened convenient access not only to the territory of the future resort, but also to a dozen tourist routes already laid in its vicinity for 150 kilometers.

Due to the large height difference, the road includes 12 serpentine sections and 62 turning angles. It has four parking areas for cars that can accommodate up to 15 cars.

Photo by V. Stepanyuk, A. Ponyavin, V. Vaitiev, from the archives of Altayturcenter and the Main Directorate of Construction, Transport, Housing, Utilities and Road Facilities of the Altai Territory.


Travel Tips

Climbing the serpentine, you can go on a journey through the picturesque landscapes of the relict forests of the Belokurikhinsky Natural Park, which are a million years old. Information about natural monuments located nearby is posted on the stands of the site where the track ends.

The road to the resort "Belokurikha Gornaya" на карте

Where is
Slope of Mount Slyudyanka in the valley of the Berezovka river near the village of Ulyanovka, Biysk region.
How to get there
After the 56th kilometer of the P-368 highway Biysk-Belokurikha - turn to Novotyryshkino. At the crossroads after 7 kilometers - beyond the Siberian Compound to the turn to Ulyanovka. At the exit from the village - turn left to a new pass.