• Lake Maloe Yarovoe
Altai region

The area of the water table of this bitter-salt lake of regular rounded shape exceeds 35 km². The average depth is about 5 meters, the sandy bottom is covered with a shallow (0.1-0.2 m) layer of silt. The banks of Maly Yarovoye are steep and steep, covered with grass and reeds, with many ravines. The healing properties of the water are due to the presence of sulphate brine and healing mud.

The water on Maly Yarovoye is very clean and saltier than on Bolshoy Yarovoye. There is a small freshwater lake nearby.

Entrance to the territory of the tent camp on the shore of the lake is paid.

Photo by Olga Klein and from the Altayturcenter archive.

Where is
The central part of the Kulunda Plain, 2.5 km from the village of Vladimirovka, 31.5 km from Slavgorod.
How to get there
From the town of Yarovoe through Slavgorod towards the exit to Novosibirsk, at the last intersection turn to the village of Znamenka. Further through the villages of Veseloe, Semenovka and Vladimirovka. Lake Maloe Yarovoe - behind Vladimirovka to the right into the steppe.