Ski complex "Gora Veselaya"

Altai district, Aya village (left bank of Katun)

This family-friendly complex has one downhill skiing trail (its length is 900 m, the height difference is 150 m) and a separate slope for sledging, snowplanes and snow scooters (slope from 25 to 45 degrees). The tracks are illuminated at night.

Vacationers climb to the top of the mountain on a drag lift, the capacity of which is 150 people per hour. On the second slope there is a toboggan lift. The tracks are cleared by a snow compactor / snowcat.

An ice slope with several bends, about 100 m long and a height difference of 12 m, is poured on the territory of the Gora Veselaya complex.

The average length of the season is 105 days.

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Altai region, with. Aya (left bank of the Katun)