Katun river

Altai region

RiverKatun- most major sourcethe Ob River... It originates on the southern slope of the Katunsky ridge near Mount Belukha, flowing out of the Katunsky (Gebler) glacier at an altitude of about 2000 km. The territory of the Altai Territory captures the Katun in its lower reaches.

WaterKatunimay change color depending on the season. In spring and summer, when the river is fed by rains, melt water and glaciers, the water becomes cloudy and becomes gray. Before the onset of real cold weather, the Katun can be seen in all its splendor. In the autumn and winter months, the river is fed from groundwater and becomes saturatedturquoise shade

Katun's character is notable for its inconstancy. In some places it is a stormy river, in others it is already calm, it depends on the relief of those sections along which the Katun is moving. The Katun has a large number of tributaries - Chuya, Sumulta, Koksa, Akkem. Already below Sumulta, the Katun loses the appearance of a mountain river and continues its way among the descending spurs of the ridges.

Left bank of Katun and regionLake Ayahas verydeveloped infrastructure... On the territory of the lower Katun there isnatural park "Aya", special economic zone of tourist and recreational type"Turquoise Katun".

Photo: Valery Stepanyuk

Travel Tips

The Katun is a swift and full-flowing river. The middle section and tributaries are used by water tourists for rafting of a high complexity category (from the fourth to the sixth). The lower part of the Katun is a great opportunity for family and children's rafting, for people without sports training. At the same time, the Katun makes you feel its strength and power in any area. Fishing is possible on Katun. There is sterlet, nelma, ide, pike perch, grayling, burbot and others. You can fish with a fishing rod and spinning.

Katun river на карте

Where is
It originates in the Gebler glaciers at an altitude of about 2000 meters. The territory of the Altai Territory captures the Katun in its lower reaches.
How to get there
From Biysk, the river accompanies tourists almost all the way to the border of the Altai Territory and further to the Republic of Altai.